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09Aug 2017

ASTM pipe committees make an impact on water systems and safety By Cicely Enright Published in the July/August Issue of ASTM Standardization News While it’s not completely clear how much you need to drink each day (eight glasses is an easy but not necessarily final answer), most of us expect that we’ll have clean water […]

04Apr 2017

America`s infrastructure owners continue to face challenging times when facing needs to expand and improve existing transportation modes, while maintaining elements of existing systems. Proper inspection, management, and maintenance of aging infrastructure seems to be consuming more resources, time, and money than ever before. The concrete pipe industry has been working with DOTs and municipalities for years to […]

18Oct 2016

by Claire Suttles  Interview with President Matt Childs and report on the American Concrete Pipe Association.  …Because different jobs call for different pipes, the ACPA wants to make sure that engineers have the freedom to use whichever pipe they feel is best for the circumstance—whether that means concrete or plastic.  “Every pipe has its advantage […]

24Jun 2016

Appointment to the American Concrete Pipe Association Executive Committee three years ago put A.C. “Bo” Gossett, III on track to become 2016 chairman, where he sees an opportunity to advance an industry of which his family has been a part for 70-plus years and speak on behalf of what remains a critical membership component. He […]

23Jun 2016

By Matt Childs, P.E., President American Concrete Pipe Association Some champions of competitive materials are asking why their products are not used more often in pipelines and culverts. The organizations they represent joined forces to change language in legislation to increase the use of flexible pipe products, especially high density polyethylene (HDPE). Tampering with legislation […]

22Jun 2016

It took nearly 20,000 feet—more than three and a half miles—of concrete pipe running under a railroad, a local road, several access roads, an expressway, and a golf course, and over two streams to reach from the Gerald R. Ford International Airport (GFIA) to its new onsite stormwater detention and treatment system, and from there […]

01Apr 2016

The North American concrete pipe industry is rapidly expanding its knowledge base of all materials, products, design and production technology for drainage pipeline systems. Driving this expansion is the globalization of major suppliers to the industry and key concrete pipe producers based in the USA and Canada. The concrete pipe and precast industry has witnessed the morphing […]

28Feb 2016

The concrete pipe industry takes its commitment to safe production so seriously that it established a national award to recognize plants that excel in safety, along with the companies that develop innovative approaches to improving worker safety. In addition to the award, the American Concrete Pipe Association (ACPA) introduced a course designed for workers, foremen, job supervisors […]

30Dec 2015

The need to improve quality and production of concrete pipe was formally recognized in 1907 when a group of 150 concrete pipe producers from the USA and Canada formed the Interstate Cement Tile Manufacturers Association (ICTMA). Two years earlier, Frank Wilson of Wilson Concrete Company, Red Oak, Iowa produced the first reinforced concrete culvert pipe. Organizers of […]

30Oct 2015

Concrete pipe associations and their corporate members understand that successful concrete pipe production facilities are largely dependent upon modern plants, products that can be easily specified in a highly competitive marketplace, and well-trained people who can produce pipe and other precast products to Standards that are accepted industry-wide. The staff complement consists of a range of professionals from […]

28Sep 2015

(Concrete – The American Concrete Pipe Association projects 400-plus engineers, executives, owners and allied professionals from the North American concrete drainage products segment gathering for the inaugural ACPA Pipe Show, staged concurrently with the 2016 Pipe School, January 4–7 at the University of Texas at Arlington.  “We’ve long known there was a growing need […]

28Sep 2015

(Concrete – Proclamations from 11 governors across the U.S. positioned August 16-22 as the inaugural National Concrete Pipe Week, formally recognizing the importance of reinforced concrete pipe and precast concrete products to citizens’ health, safety and well-being. The contributions of thousands of workers, hundreds of manufacturing plants and other industries that support producers were likewise […]

28Sep 2015

(Informed – ACPA to Host Concrete Pipe Industry Trade Show More than 400 engineers, executives, owners and other professionals representing the North America concrete pipe industry will gather in Arlington, Texas, next January for the 2016 ACPA Pipe Show—a trade show exclusively for the concrete pipe industry. Created and run by the American Concrete Pipe […]

30Aug 2015

Automated and fully robotic concrete pipe plants, the Quality Cast certification program, a culture of plant safety, and continuous technical training combine to assure owners, contractors, specifiers and designers that they are working with a modern material and a variety of pipe and precast box products that will perform for the design life of projects. To strengthen […]

14Aug 2015

(Storm Water – Several states join call to celebrate industry’s contributions to society Governors across the U.S. are dedicating a week this summer to some of the most overlooked, taken-for-granted, yet irreplaceable products on Earth. For the first time, National Concrete Pipe Week will be observed from Aug. 16 to 22, 2015 as the nation […]

13Aug 2015

(APWA Reporter) – This article by Barbara Richard, Director for Pulaski County Public Works Department, Little Rock, Arkansas was published in the APWA Reporter page 134, August 2015. “Presenting technical information and knowledge based on science and widely-accepted standards is the way to compete for the supply of materials and products for projects that have […]

07Aug 2015

(Water & Wastes – The industry will gather Jan. 4 to 7 at University of Texas – Arlington More than 400 engineers, executives, owners and other professionals representing the North America concrete pipe industry will gather in Arlington, Texas, next January for the 2016 ACPA Pipe Show—a trade show exclusively for the concrete pipe […]