2 Responses to Concrete Pipe News Spring 2016
  1. In the article on the SMART project, it appears that the (4) barrels of RCB were laid right up against each other. If so, that would be poor practice. Reference Appendix Sect. X1.5.1 of ASTM C1577 concerning Multiple Cell Installations. The points that “means of positive lateral bearing” must be provided in order to insure that the boxes work as designed.

  2. I agree that careless reporting of pavement failures as sinkholes leads to a distraction from the real problem of specifying materials that cannot accommodate extreme weather conditions, or meet the design life of roadways.


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09Nov 2015

This is a demonstration of the comparative flammability of polypropylene pipe (PP), reinforced concrete pipe (RCP), and high density polyethylene pipe (HDPE). Dry hay is ignited in three 18 in. by 18 in. pipes and allowed to burn. This is an unedited test conducted on October 21, 2015.