P3 Training


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Professional Product Proficiency Training Program

Background: To advance and complement the American Concrete Pipe Association’s strategic plan and branding strategy, the ACPA has developed a pipe training program to equip member and associate personnel in promoting concrete pipe. The ACPA branding strategy emphasizes the need to focus on the attributes of concrete pipe and delivering the message to our marketplace in a positive, consistent manner. By completing this training, members will become knowledgeable in both RCP technology and effective selling techniques. Successful participants will be equipped with the tools and information needed to provide a consistent message to customers, specifiers, and rule makers.  They will have become one voice for their employer and the concrete pipe industry.  Knowledge is power. Graduates will emerge as a trusted and knowledgeable resource. This training focuses on two areas of competence – Technical Training and Sales/Marketing Training.  Both areas include modules with multiple courses in each. Each module must be passed in order to go to the next module. If a participant completes Modules I and II in both the Technical Series and the Sales and Marketing Series, they will achieve a “Pipe Pro” level of knowledge.  A participant completing all of the Technical Series Modules achieves a “RCP Master” level of knowledge. We are certain you will find this training valuable in supporting your efforts to promote concrete pipe to decision makers. We want to continually improve and expand the ACPA Training Program and we welcome your comments and suggestions.  

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P3 Training -May 2017 Denver - Hi Tryge, Woody and Corey, I'm back from vacation and realized I never sent y'all a follow up. I wanted to send a quick note to say I really enjoyed P3 training and thought the presentations were very thorough and helpful. To be honest, I wasn't sure what to expect for a week long intensive training, but the three of you made it enjoyable and I have many additional tools at my disposal now.

Sarah M.

P3 Training - May 2017 Denver, CO - To each of you, I just wanted to say thanks for a great last few days. The presentations were informative and you guys made it fun. It was a blast the whole time – and somehow I still learned a bunch. Who knew that could be done! You’re not only passing along great information, but you’re building passion for our industry. Keep it up guys – that class gives a huge boost to the world of concrete pipe.

Riley D.

P3 Training - May 2017 Denver, CO - I found the information that you provided during the Durability segment of your presentation to be something that I can use going forward when the next box culvert jobs shows up on my desk.

Josh D.

P3 Training - May 2017 Denver, CO - Trainers, I wanted to thank you again for all your effort on P3 training, you guys definitely delivered a great job! I feel I am taking home a lot from this training and I can apply it in my market. Also thank you for sharing the files so quickly.

 Alena M.