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NOTICE: Please complete and submit this form if you are registering for the American Concrete Pipe Association self-paced Professional Product Proficiency training  for the first time. 

All materials and coursework are the property of the ACPA. Upon acceptance of your registration, ACPA grants you a license to use the materials and course work for your own use. You agree not to disclose or otherwise distribute to anyone the materials and course work that have not been published elsewhere or distributed in a public forum.

Upon submission of your form, you can begin the P3 training program.

Note: All members are required to take Technical Series Module I: Basic RCP

(Includes all seven courses plus a PowerPoint presentation requirement) before taking any other Modules.

Training Approval:

Your manager will be notified via email to approve your registration for this training.

(Please follow up with your manager to verify he/she has received the email notification.)

*Manager's contact information is for verification of ACPA membership and eligibility.

**This training will include a list of required reading materials. Many of the required readings are downloadable from the ACPA website at no cost; additional materials may need to be purchased through the ACPA and other readily accessible sources.

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