Transportation professionals met in Juneau, Alaska for the 2017 Western Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (WASHTO) Annual Meeting held June 25-28. The annual meeting was attended by State Department of Transportation CEOs, Chief Engineers, and executive leadership from the 18 westernmost states in the country, as well as executives from the U.S. Department of Transportation and Federal Highways Administration. Other notable attendees were national transportation leaders from the private sector and academia.

ACPA, western producers, state concrete pipe associations, and Hawkeye Pedershaab sponsored the conference closing night dinner. The event was the social highlight of the week, with the first day of clear skies and dry conditions. Dinner was provided at the Orca Point Lodge, which was accessed by a 30 minute whale watching charter boat. Because of the strong interest in the dinner, two seatings were necessary and both groups had waitlists. ACPA staff was invited on the first boat and stay through the second seating, which allowed additional meeting time with several western DOTs.  Several engineers from various states thanked the ACPA and its members for facilitating the event.

ACPA staffs thank all of the producers, state associations and the associate member who helped sponsor the conference closing night dinner, and those who took the time to attend.

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09Nov 2015

This is a demonstration of the comparative flammability of polypropylene pipe (PP), reinforced concrete pipe (RCP), and high density polyethylene pipe (HDPE). Dry hay is ignited in three 18 in. by 18 in. pipes and allowed to burn. This is an unedited test conducted on October 21, 2015.