Sustainable & Resilient

Sustainable & Resilient

epipe029 The Toxicity of Zinc in Storm Water (ePipe)
Resource #e-029

One of the most dangerous toxins is zinc. Although it is a naturally occurring element, too much of the heavy metal can be extremely detrimental to the environment. This ePipe explains why it is critically important to remove zinc from our water systems, identifies the primary sources of zinc, and what we need to do to mitigate man-made products that leach zinc into our natural environment.



Sustainability Brochure (Printable Brochure)
Resource #e-004
When building transportation facilities, we must use materials and products that are the safest and highest quality, perform as intended for the design life of the project, and have the best overall value. Sustainable concrete pipe satisfies these criteria.

The World Commission on Environment and Development has defined sustainability development as: “Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

Sustainable Concrete Pipe (ePipe)
Resource #e-004