Past Chairmen of the Board

1907 A.G. Shadbolt* W.G. Middleton Co.
1909 L.L. Bingham* Cement Product Company
1911 P.H. Atwood* Armstrong, Iowa
1915 B. Blair* Woodstock, Ontario, Canada
1917 George F. Lillie* Platte Valley Cement Tile Mgf. Company
1919 John L. Zeidler* Zeidler Concrete Pipe Company
1920 A.N. Shearman* Shearman Concrete Pipe Company
1924 George H. Redding* Massey Concrete Products Corporation
1926 Ross S. Lander* Shearman Concrete Pipe Company
1927 Ray A. Foley* Superior Products Company
1929 Ernest F. Bent* American Concrete Pipe Company
1931 Clair H. Bullen* Mid-West Concrete Pipe Company
1933 C.E. Edwards* Lamar Pipe and Tile Company
1936 Frederick W. Paulin* Canadian Engineering & Contracting Co.
1938 Harold W. Chutter* Jourdan Concrete Pipe Company
1940 Hovey D. Palmore* Kentucky Concrete Pipe Co.
1942 Ray A. Foley* Gifford-Hill Pipe Company
1943 Walter E. Corbett Corbett Concrete Pipe Company
1944 O. H. Miller* Choctaw, Inc.
1946 lmer L. Johnson* Concrete Conduit Company
1948 Joseph A. Dunn* Hume Pipe of New England, Inc.
1950 Edwin H. Fox* The Cincinnati Concrete Pipe Co.
1952 Ivy H. Smith* Sherman Concrete Pipe Co.
1954 Q.W.G. Clark* B.C. Concrete Ltd.
1956 Carl A. Bluedorn* Zeidler Concrete Products Machinery Co.
1958 E.F. Bespalow* Choctaw, Inc.
1960 Harry S. Price, Jr.* Price Brothers Company
1961 Charles E. Ward* Utah Concrete Pipe Company
1962 Harry W. Heath*  Lock Joint Pipe Company
1963 J.W. Porter Gifford-Hill Pipe Company
1964 Charles S  Nelson Concrete Culvert Company
1965 J. Vernon Kyle* Vulcan Materials Company
1966 C. Mack Albertson* Interpace Corporation
1967 H.T. Rex Superior Products Company
1968 Richard C. Longfellow* The Cretex Companies, Inc.
1969 Richard F. Olson SPEC Industries, Inc.
1970 Drew H. Lander* Sherman Concrete Company
1971 David A. Waite* Waukesha Cement Tile Co.
1972 Robert B. Mountcastle* Roanoke Concrete Pipe Co., Inc.
1973 Robert H. Field* Field Concrete Pipe Co., Inc.
1974 Ray L. Ramsey Ramsey Concrete Pipe Co., Inc.
1975 John L. Hutsell Associated Sand & Gravel Company, Inc.
1976 R.W. Liston* W.T. Liston Co.
1977 E.W. Heisler Price Brothers Company
1978 John O. Wagner Quality Concrete Products Co., Inc.
1979 Richard Leuliette Plas-Ti-Con Corporation
1980 Charles A. Gallagher* The Cretex Companies, Inc.
1981 Thomas K. Breitfuss ARC America Corporation
1982 Donald A. Phaneuf* Lamar Corporation
1983 William T. Gary Gary Concrete Products, Inc.
1984 Richard W. Snell Bladholm Bros., Pipe Division
1985 Daniel J. Erdeljac Hydro Conduit Corporation
1986 Ronald C. Kruger CBR Cement Canada Limited
1987 Henry R. Maniace New England Concrete Pipe Corporation
1988 J. Warren Back Price Brothers Company
1989 Oliver S. Delery, Jr. New Orleans Cement Products Co., Inc.
1990 Aldo Bussio Geneva Pipe Company
1991 John M. Bailey Elk River Concrete Products
1992 J. Wayne MacLean L. E. Shaw Limited
1993 William V. Hecker New Holland Newcrete Products
1994 James K. Kitzmiller Gifford-Hill & Company
1995 Morris E. Workman Wilson Concrete Company
1996 William A. Nordick Waterloo Concrete Products, Inc.
1997 James B. Schack Oldcastle Precast, Inc.
1998 William L. Quinlen Choctaw, Inc.
1999 Larry Johnson Johnson-Bateman Company
2000 Adrian Driver CSR Hydro Conduit Corporation
2001 Tom Walters Carder Concrete Products, Inc.
2002 Ray Rhees Oldcastle Precast, Inc.
2003 John Munro Munro Concrete Products Ltd.
2004 Doug Mohrman Concrete Industries, Inc.
2005 Ron Metzger Rinker Materials-Hydro Conduit
2006 Lynn Schuler Cretex Companies, Inc.
2007 Thomas Wheelan* Hanson Pipe & Precast
2008 William Washabaugh, Jr. Northern Concrete Pipe, Inc.
2009 John Finch Rinker Materials-Concrete Pipe Division – CEMEX
2010 Mark Omelaniec The Langley Concrete Group of Companies
2011 Jerry Cowden Rialto Concrete Products, Inc.
2012 Vince Bussio Geneva Pipe Company
2013 Bill Adams Hancock Concrete Products, LLC
2014 Rick Traylor Rinker Materials-Concrete Pipe Division – CEMEX
2015 Mike D. Kusch Sherman-Dixie Concrete Industries, Inc.
2016 A.C. Gossett, III Gossett Concrete Pipe Co.