Design Data

Pipe                                                            Box

Dead Loads:
DD4 Jacking Concrete Pipe | Metric
DD5 Multiple Pipe Installation: Trench Condition
Surcharge Loads (22)

Bedding Factors:
DD6 Loads and Supporting Strengths Elliptical and Arch Pipe
DD7 Transition Width | Metric
DD8 Three Edge Bearing Strengths Nonreinforced Concrete Pipe and Clay Pipe
DD9 Standard Installations & Bedding Factors for the Indirect Design Method | Metric | Spanish

DD10 Manning’s n Values: History of Research
DD11 Hydraulic Capacity of Culverts
DD16 Partial Flow Conditions for Culverts | Metric
DD18 Equivalent Flow Capacity of Various Pipe Materials | Metric
Hydraulics of Circular Culverts | DD 3 | DD 8 | DD 9 | DD 10 | DD 11 |
Hydraulics of Arch Culverts | DD 3 |
Hydraulics of Elliptical Culvert | DD 3 | DD 18 | DD 19 |

Miscellaneous / Installations:
DD20 Circular Precast Concrete Manholes | Metric
DD21 Curved Alignment | Metric
DD22 Flotation of Circular Concrete Pipe | Metric
DD23 Low Pressure Air Testing of Sewers
DD25 Life Cycle Cost Analysis
DD41 Manhole FlotationCalculate It