Flexible Pipe Installation

e012 ASTM D2321 A Few of Your Responsibilities
Resource #e-012
It is incumbent upon the product manufacturer, specifier, or project engineer to verify and assure that the pipe specified for an intended application, when installed according to procedures outlined in this practice, will provide a long term, satisfactory performance according to criteria established for that application.
e011 Lessons Learned from the East Texas Fish Hatchery Incident
Resource #e-011
In April 2009, inspectors at the John D. Parker East Texas Fish Hatchery discovered that sections of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) drainage pipes had collapsed.  In a Compromise and Settlement Agreement HDR Engineering, Allco, and Travelers Casualty and Surety Co. of America, the Engineer paid $3.18 million to TPWD and $213,000 to the Contractor.  It is noteworthy that the HDPE pipe manufacturer was not a party to the Settlement.

Installation Anomalies? You Be the Judge
(YSK Bulletin #121) August, 2002
HDPE pipe is installation sensitive, and the HDPE pipe industry has not educated engineers and contractors with regards to proper installation of their products. However, improper installation is not the only problem. These case studies have been touted by the HDPE industry as quality installations. Check it out and “you be the judge.” You might be surprised with what you find!