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HDPE Specs:

 popit UTA Study on POPIT Lift Hole Plugs
UTA Study on POPIT Life Hole PlugsThe key point when installing the POPIT plug is to make certain that the “ribs” grab onto the inside of the hole, which will secure the plug in place. Since the POPIT plug is neither watertight nor airtight, the goal of this study is to subject the installed POPIT plug to internal pressure while subjected to 30 ft of backfill.

 hdpe UTA Study on HDPE
UTA Study on HDPE: This study is a part of a major initiation on health monitoring of underground structures in which a new state-of-the-art laser profiler is being developed. Thus, data is being collected from flexible pipe systems for comparative purposes. This report presents the initial results of video and laser inspections of HDPE pipelines in 61 site locations in 10 states throughout the nation.

KY_OH Evaluation of HDPE Pipe Performance on KY DOT and OH DOT Construction Projects
by Pipeline and Drainage Consultants
Published: August, 2006
Resource #03-248
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econs_failures The Economic Costs of Culvert Failures
Joseph Perrin, Jr. and Chintan S. Jhaveri
Prepared for the Transportation Research Board – January 2004
Submitted: November 15, 2003
Resource #03-247 (Online only)
wje_report Condition Investigations of HDPE Pipe In-Service In the United States (Six States) for The American Concrete Pipe Association Irving, Texas
WJE No. 991592
January 24, 2002
Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc.
Resource #03-246
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  1. Deflection Testing and Specifications of Flexible Pipe:
    kentucky Deflection Testing Methods
    Kentucky DOT
    cues Laser Profiler System
    az Laser Testing
    Arizona DOT
    calgary Sewer Construction
    City of Calgary
    HDPE Spec 1 Installation Requirements
    Lafayette, Indiana
    HDPE Spec 2 Televising & Deflection Testing
    Lebanon, Indiana
    fl Laser & Video Inspection
    State of Florida
    tra Joint & Deflection Testing
    TRA Trinity River Authority of Texas