This award is in recognition of outstanding professional achievement as Concrete Pipe News Reporter of the year.

Year Recipient Company Name
1971 Robert J. Bailey  Price Brothers Company
1972 Dr. Richard A. Parmelee  Northwestern University
1972 Lee Stockton  Price Brothers Company
1973 Marvin R. Boring  Reliance Universal Inc. Ohio
1974 Leonard L. Klein  Superior Products Co.
1975 Casper G. Pettit  Ohio DOT
1976 Robert G. Read  Price Brothers Company
1977 Kenneth K. Kienow  Hydro Conduit Corp.
1978 David W. Sminchak  Price Brothers Company
1979 Curt Cowell  Lamar Corporation
1980 Alvin R. Schwab  Maryland/Virginia CPA
1981 Walter Goddard  Southern Illinois Concrete Products Co., Inc.
1982 Paul M. Heffern  Ohio Concrete Pipe Manufacturers Assoc.
1982 Charles M. Taylor, III  Concrete Pipe & Products Co.
1983 Albert McDonald  Ontario CPA
1984 Robert Burke  Pacific International & Eng. Inc.
1985 Walter Goddard  Southern Illinois Concrete Products Co., Inc.
1985 Paul M. Heffern  Ohio Concrete Pipe Manufacturers Assoc.
1986 Mark R. Rex  Superior Concrete Products Co.
1987 Colin J. Lawler  Consolidate Concrete Ltd.
1988 Jack C. Williams  Pacific International & Eng. Inc.
1989 William M. Montgomery  Gifford-Hill & Co., Inc.
1990 Mark Sabine  Waterloo Concrete Products Ltd.
1991 Robert L. Hockensmith Kentucky Concrete Pipe Co., Inc.
1992 Kevin M. Brown  Vianini Pipe, Inc.
1993 Frank Mazza  Concrete Pipe Co.
1994 Michael J. Dorval  Elk River Concrete Products
1994 Arthur D. Tobkin  Elk River Concrete Products
1995 Timothy Whitehouse  American Concrete Pipe Co.
1996 J. Drew Black  Waterloo Concrete Products Ltd.
1997 Michael Riddle  Mountain States CPA
1998 Paul M. Heffern  Independent Concrete Pipe Co.
1999 Steven K. Wagner  South Dakota Concrete Products Co.
2000 John M. Blankenship  Hanson Pipe & Products, Inc.
2001 Don Grzesiek  Carder Concrete Products Co.
2001 Dan Painter  South Dakota Concrete Products Co.
2002 Gaetan Vaillancourt  Strescon Limited
2003 Brian Schram  Rinker Materials-Concrete Pipe Division
2004 Jeff Hite  Rinker Materials-Concrete Pipe Division
2005 Jeff Hite  Rinker Materials-Concrete Pipe Division
2006 Dave Crockett  Kerr Concrete Products
2007 Rylan MacDow  The Shaw Group Limited
2008 Robin Wolf  The Premarc Corp.
2009 Kyle Dickerson  Hanson Pipe & Precast
2010 Randy Wahlen  Mountain States CPA
2011 Richard J. Langguth  Cretex Companies, Inc.
2012 Oliver Delery  Hanson Pipe & Precast
2013 Derek Light  Inland Pipe
2014 Eric Yount  Nevada DOT
2015 Michael Kusch  Sherman-Dixie Concrete Industries, Inc.
2016  County Materials

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09Nov 2015

This is a demonstration of the comparative flammability of polypropylene pipe (PP), reinforced concrete pipe (RCP), and high density polyethylene pipe (HDPE). Dry hay is ignited in three 18 in. by 18 in. pipes and allowed to burn. This is an unedited test conducted on October 21, 2015.