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Strong. Resilient. Sustainable.

When it comes to pipe, concrete is the only choice.

The world we live in today does not happen by accident.  It takes an infrastructure you can trust.  An infrastructure that you can count on in the best of times and in the worst of times.  An infrastructure that is not built upon flimsy promises but one that is built upon centuries of engineered strength, proven resilience, and undeniable sustainability.  It is an infrastructure built on concrete pipe.

Concrete pipe is built on engineered strength.  Made of naturally sourced materials and enhanced through reinforced steel and engineering principles, concrete pipe is unequivocally the strongest stormwater drainage product on the market.  

Concrete pipe's resilience is proven.  Through centuries of enduring disasters, the resilience of concrete pipe is undeniable.  As a non-combustible material, it guarantees performance during wildfires and in other fire-prone areas.  Concrete's inherent density makes it resistant to flotation during heavy rainfalls and floods. Its ability to absorb shocks and sustain minimal damage from impacts makes it ideal in earthquake-prone regions.

Concrete pipe is undeniably sustainable.  Produced from natural, locally sourced, and recycled materials, it supports local economies and is a champion of the circular economy by boasting minimal waste and its enduring longevity.  Its ability to withstand and recover from natural disasters minimizes its need for replacement or repair. With a proven 100+ year lifespan, concrete pipe ensures it will serve current and future generations while minimizing waste, resources, and future spending.

Concrete pipes have been in existence for over 150 years with many of them still in their original installations.  Innovations, research, and improved installation processes ensure that current and future concrete pipe and box culvert installations will remain installed for centuries to come.

Concrete pipe is the only choice given its unmatched strength, resilience, and sustainability.  It is the infrastructure that you can trust.  It is what makes infrastructure strong, resilient, and sustainable.


ACPA-Logo-New-Roundel-250x238The ACPA's logo, otherwise known as the 'roundel,' is more than just another logo.  It was created with the core of concrete pipe in mind. 


The droplet personifies the water conveyed by the concrete pipe and box culverts.

The continuous circle indicates the products resilience, sustainability, and communities it helps build.

The triangle represents the strength of our products, which are unmatched by any other product in the market.

Together, along with the three natural colors represented, combine to create the ACPA's roundel.  A logo as bold and as strong as the products it represents.

Reasons to Choose Concrete Pipe

Engineered Strength.

Concrete pipes are made from strong natural materials and engineering, offering the best stormwater drainage solution. Tested for reliability, they combine concrete and reinforcement for lasting strength.


Proven Resilience.

Concrete pipes are trusted for their proven strength and durability. They withstand disasters, extreme weather, fires, floods, and earthquakes, ensuring long-term resilient infrastructure with local accessibility.


Undeniably Sustainable.

Concrete pipe's durability, resilience, and sustainability reduce the need for replacement, with local materials and recycling minimizing waste. It supports economies and lasts for generations, making it cost-effective.


Unmatched Performance.

Concrete pipe's inherent strength, verified through testing, provides reliability for hydraulic properties in design and durability against hydraulic forces, making it the preferred choice for stormwater projects.


Versatile Design.

Concrete pipe is a flexible, resilient drainage solution with a proven track record of durability, adaptability, and reliability. Its pre-arrival testing ensures cost-effective, long-lasting performance in diverse applications.


Superior Quality.

Concrete pipe excels in quality and consistency due to industry standards, quality control, and comprehensive testing during manufacturing. Precast concrete pipes undergo rigorous scrutiny, guaranteeing reliability and adherence to design specifications.


Reliable Installation.

Concrete pipe's rigid structure serves as both frame and conduit, providing self-reliance, ease of installation, and cost savings. Its durability ensures low-risk, efficient installations, making it a wise investment.


Enduring Investment.

Concrete pipe investments support community safety, the economy, and future generations. With durability and reliability, it aids in disaster recovery and offers low-risk, long-lasting infrastructure, reducing financial burdens.