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QCast Certified Plant List

About QCast

In an effort to improve the overall quality of all concrete pipe products, the American Concrete Pipe Association offers an on-going quality assurance program to member and non-member companies. Called the “Quality Cast” Plant Certification Program, the inspection program covers the inspection of materials, finished products and handling/storage procedures, as well as performance testing and quality control documentation. Plants can be certified in storm sewer and culvert pipe, sanitary sewer, box culverts, three-sided structures, manholes and precast structures.

Each year the ACPA Plant Certification Task Group completes the new edition of the QCast Plant Certification Manual. The updated manual is effective on January 1st of each year. Those applying for certification after January 1st will have to comply with the requirements of the updated manual. The QCast Plant Certification Manual is available for download below.


The Manual is organized into “common” and “product specific” sections for the easy retrieval of applicable requirements as follows:

     I. Common Program Requirements
    II. Pipe Requirements
   III. Manhole Requirements
   IV. Engineered Precast Products
    V. Box Culvert and Three-sided Structure Requirements
   VI. Gasket Manufacturing Requirements

Plants may elect any single product specific certification or full Plant Certification to meet local or state requirements. If Plant Certification is chosen, then all products covered by this Manual will be audited to the requirements of this Manual.



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The ACPA's QCast program is accredited through the ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB).

Accreditation ID #8895

Logo & Accreditation



The ACPA's QCast logo (pictured above) is used to indicate the product was manufactured by a QCast certified plant.