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  • Partnerships with the ACPA Research and Education Foundation are intended for ACPA producer members and associates alike.
  • Recognition of Partners will be granted for all chosen levels of partnership through advertising, announcements, and participation by the partners at events.
  • Multiple partnerships by a company in any category are welcome.


Research Partners - up to $75,000 ($25,000/year for 3 years)

Education Partners - up to $25,000 ($5,000/year for 5 years)

Relationship Partners - $10,000 ($2,000/year for 5 years)

Individual Partnerships - between $50 and $500/year for 3 years

  • Research Partners
  • Education Partners
  • Relashionship Partners
  • Individual Partnerships

Research Partners

Research as recommended by the Research Committee and approved by the Foundation Board

The research committee is continually looking to advance our industry to meet the needs of your customers through new technology and products. This partnership supports research opportunities which will be vetted by the Research Committee and then approved by the Foundation Board.

To learn more about research opportunities, visit our Members Only Page.

Distant Learning

Bringing ACPA Education into the 21st Century 

As our industry becomes even busier in this economy, ACPA seeks ways to make education more efficient. Distant learning is utilized by most universities, and ACPA wants to incorporate these techniques to train marketing and sales professionals to help agencies with effective specifications. 

ACPA will also work towards the development of distant learning for its Quality School which accredits the industry’s quality professionals for the QCast program. 

These programs will allow you to train your professionals at a fraction of the time away from their main focus and without travel costs.


DOTS and Municipalities at Pipe School

The Pipe School provides an invaluable relationship building opportunity for Public agencies such as DOTs and Municipalities. ACPA engineers work diligently to invite and confirm as many of your DOT and Municipal guests as possible to the school, and we need your financial support to cover the cost of their attendance. 

The ACPA Foundation seeks to provide scholarships that further the advancement of the concrete pipe and box culvert industry. With your support, you can take this opportunity to establish a scholarship for public agencies, university students, and/or industry personnel. 

Pipe School DOT/Producer Dinner

Every year the Foundation hosts a dinner for DOTs and their Producer members who brought them to the school to strengthen their relationship through focus on research and education. 

Pipe Show Gift Cards

In order to keep attendance and networking high during the entire Pipe Show event, the ACPA Foundation will be giving a gift card away at the end of each of the Pipe Show sessions. All attendees will have a chance to win. Partners will be announced before the drawings. 

Individual Partnerships

Employees and spouses of member companies can become partners with the ACPA Foundation to support and further the industry’s and their own success.