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Supporting the concrete pipe industry

The ACPA is happy to provide an Annual Sponsorship Program made available to its Associate Members. The sponsorship program offers four levels of sponsorship, each level providing different benefits along with additional opportunities for sponsors to support the industry at targeted events.

See our current sponsors.

Becoming a Sponsor
To become an ACPA sponsor, you must first be an Associate Member.  Once an Associate, you will then have access to ACPA member communications, the Members Only Portal, and can also become an ACPA sponsor.  Learn more about becoming an Associate Member.
Additional Sponsor Opportunities
As ACPA’s events and opportunities continue to grow, the ACPA is finding new and creative ways for our sponsors to better engage with producing members. All sponsorships throughout the year will be made available upfront and should further opportunities arise, the ACPA commits to informing all sponsors ahead of time and providing equal opportunity for support.
See the additional commitment sponsorship form at the bottom of the page.
Keynote Speaker/Opening Ceremonies - SOLD OUT

Serve as the sponsor for the Pipe School's Opening Ceremonies and Keynote Speaker.

Number of Sponsors:  
  •  1 x Diamond @ $15K
  •  3 x Platinum, Gold, or Silver @ $5K/each

Recognition for Sponsors:
Logo behind the Keynote Speaker, help introduce and thank the keynote speaker, recognition in promotional activities, social media post.

Evening Activity: Casino Night at Pipe Show - SOLD OUT

A premier sponsor of the Casino Night event being held the last night of the Pipe Show.   

Number of Sponsors:  up to 5

Sponsorship:  $2,500

Recognition for Sponsors:
Table tents, social media recognition, logo present, recognition in promotional activities, opportunity to bring your own personalized chips for casino night. 

1st Timers Luncheon

Luncheon for first-time attendees before the start of Pipe School.

Number of Sponsors:  up to 5

Sponsorship:  $1,000

Recognition for Sponsors:
Introduce themselves at the beginning of the luncheon, table tents, social media post, logo present, and recognition in promotional activities.

RCPix (Photo Contest)

New to Pipe School! Photo contest (see content rules)

Number of Sponsors:  up to 2

Sponsorship:  $2,000

Recognition for Sponsors:
Pick the overall winner, and present this at the Awards Luncheon, signage at the photo contest, and recognition in promotional activities.

Plant Tour

Sponsor the bus ride to or from the Plant Tour

Number of Sponsors:  up to 2

Sponsorship:  $2,500

Recognition for Sponsors:
Opportunity to play a promotional video and/or speak on the bus ride/have; provide gear and/or share information with riders

Awards Luncheon / Closing Ceremonies

Sponsorship of the Awards Luncheon at the end of Pipe School.

Number of Sponsors:  up to 3 

Sponsorship:  $5,000

Recognition for Sponsors:
Time on stage, and credit to the sponsor for the luncheon.

Quality School Books - No Longer Offered

Creation of an ad that will go into the Pipe School and all other 2024 Quality School training manuals.  

Number of Sponsors:  Unlimited

Sponsorship:  $500

Recognition for Sponsors:
Full Page Ad

 Additional Sponsorship Commitment Form

Sponsorship Levels

The below provides a high-level overview of the different benefits associated with each level and does not reflect all of the benefits.  To see more detail, download the sponsorship document.



Diamond Sponsors are the top level sponsors and are provided 10 registrants and 2 trade show booths at Pipe School registrations, 4 Annual Meeting registrants, 5 complimentary ACPA trainings, and a sponsored newsletter article and video.



Platinum Sponsors are a top-tier sponsor and are provided 2 registrants at Pipe School, 3 Annual Meeting registrants, and 4 complimentary ACPA trainings.



Gold Sponsors receive 1 registration to attend Pipe School, 2 Annual Meeting registrants, and 3 complimentary ACPA trainings.



Silver Sponsors receive a discounted registration to attend Pipe School, 1 Annual Meeting registrations, and 2 complimentary ACPA trainings.