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Oliver Delery Memorial

Oliver Delery Memorial Pledge

This Memorial Pledge has been established to honor a dear friend and colleague, Oliver Delery who committed a life-time of achievement and dedication to the concrete pipe industry. In 1989, Oliver was elected as the youngest Chairman of the Board of the ACPA. He served our organization as Chairman of multiple committees including his tireless commitment to the Government Relations Committee and received the highly respected Richard E. Barnes Lifetime Achievement Award in 2011. 

This Memorial Pledge will be utilized for initiatives such as, but not limited to, ASTM or government relations scholarships for young professionals to follow Oliver’s passions. Support to educate engineering students about our industry or research that will ensure the well being of this industry he helped to build. Please join the Foundation in honoring Oliver Delery. 


5 Star $75,000/year for 3 years
4 Star $50,000/year for 3 years
3 Star $25,000/year for 3 years
2 Star $10,000/year for 3 years
Friend up to $1,000/year for 3