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Our New Brand is

The ACPA's rebrand is more than just a logo and colors--it's who we are.  See how the story comes together below.

The industry has changed.

So have we.

The world around us is constantly evolving.  Rapidly growing communities, increases in extreme weather events, and new demands and requirements put forth by transportation agencies, public officials, and builders have required our country's infrastructure to change along with them. 

As the demands and requirements have evolved, so have we.  Improvements to ad mixtures, more efficient production methods, and increased product quality have continued to make concrete pipe and box culverts even more resilient and sustainable than ever before.  To align with these changes, we decided to change our brand.  With a new brand that is bolder, stronger, and tells a story, we want people to know that concrete pipe and box culverts are more than just old grey products.



The ACPA's logo, known as the roundel, was designed to be representative of our members products and the markets we represent. 



The creation of our logo.

The ACPA's new logo was created with intent and purpose to be representative of our members products and the markets we represent.  From the colors to the design, our new logo has a story.

The logo now has earth-toned colors meant to be reflective of concrete pipe’s natural ingredients while also representing the products’ sustainable nature.

The design of the logo’s shape is representative of the simple shapes that represent the product.

  • Droplet
    The droplet personifying the water that is moved by the concrete pipe and box culverts.
  • Circle
    The continuous circle indicating the products resilience, sustainability, and communities it helps build.
  • Triangle
    The triangle represents the strength of our products, which are unmatched by any other product in the market.


Sure concrete is old--humans have been using concrete for thousands of years--and it typically is grey--you can thank the cement and other materials for that--but concrete, concrete pipes, and box culverts are so much more.  From being an integral part of our infrastructure and evacuation routes to being an innovative and sustainable, we are so much more than old and grey.


Concrete pipes are integral to our infrastructure.  Used to move stormwater and placed under evacuation routes, concrete pipes and box culverts are proven to be the longest-lasting and most durable products that keep society and communities moving forward during some of the most trying times.


No other product in its class is as resilient as concrete pipe or box culverts.  With the ability to retain its functionality and structural capacity during fires, floods, and other disasters, concrete pipe provides the peace of mind to communities and the people that rely on it the most during the most trying times. 


Concrete is the most durable and sustainable material for infrastructure and major construction.  Its strength, durability, and long-life minimizes the material impacts on the environment, maintenance requirements, and the energy needed for product replacement.  


Although the look of it has not changed a lot, concrete pipes and box culverts are extremely innovative.  From new concrete mix designs that allow highly-customizable designs, to new reinforcement methods, to different joint options, and better production, quality, and standards, concrete pipe is as innovative as it is integral to our infrastructure.  

Community Builders

Producers of concrete pipe and box culverts are deeply integrated into the communities they serve.  Contributing to the economy through good paying and stable jobs as well as sourcing as many materials locally as possible, the communities producers are a part of are the communities they have helped build.

The changes to the ACPA’s brand identity are as much of a modernization of our brand as it is a reflection of the changing landscape of the market. The ACPA has been in existence for 115 years and so much has changed in the quality, strength, and resilience of our product—and we wanted these updates to be a direct indicator to the market that the ACPA and our members are evolving with the times.
Steve Hawkins, AIAACPA President
We believe having an updated brand that reflects who and what we are will help unify our members, associates, and state-affiliated associations.  We are proud to be a part of this next evolution of the ACPA as a kick-off to the next 115 years.
Kurt Johnson2022-23 ACPA - Chairman of the Board