Engineers Liability

Engineer’s Liability

research Many engineer’s do not realize the extent of their liability and how long they can be held accountable for their designs until it’s too late. Selecting pipe materials best suited for service as a storm sewer, culvert, sanitary sewer, or small bridge replacement should be of primary importance to the design engineer. To find out which material is right for your project, read more on:

• Plastic

egineer_liab Design Engineers’ Liability May Now Extend Indefinitely
One clear lesson from the Minnesota bridge litigation is that contractors, project managers and even insurance companies have their strongest incentive yet to specify the most durable products. In an environment where the states can retroactively change their laws to hold engineers liable for the perceived design flaws, specifying inferior products or products with inherent installation risks can be processional, and financial, suicide.By Robbyn P. Wysocki – Attorney & Counselor
Wysocki Legal Group, P.C.

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